Welcome to Green Highway.

Welcome to the Green Highway website.  Green Highway is the nonprofit education and outreach arm at Bonnie Raitt concerts, and has supported on tour concert outreach programs done with other bands and organizations too.   This website connects you to the issues and organizations involved with Green Highway.

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About Green Highway.

Today we face serious threats from global warming, industrial pollution, radioactive wastes, deforestation, an overdependence on oil and a host of other challenges. But there are healthy alternatives and viable technologies that can help us to tread more lightly on the Earth.  

The sun, the wind and our own human ingenuity offer us wonderful solutions to the problems facing our earth.  Products and organizations working in harmony with the environment bring us answers that are good for the economy, for jobs and for the quality of our lives for years to come.

What we continue to learn is that what's good for the environment is ultimately good for the economy and for employment. Things that we once considered "alternative" are now viable consumer choices that each of us can begin to make to have a positive impact — thus decreasing our footprint on the natural world. We're starting with greening on tour by making efforts backstage to reduce consumption of single-use plastics, and we encourage you to take this message of sustainability home with you to your families and your communities.

To learn more about the challenges our environment faces, get more involved with organizations working on human rights and social justice, Blues and music education, safe and sustainable energy and environmental protection, we invite different organizations from the communities we visit on tour to come out and share information about their work with concertgoers.   Together we are raising awareness and making an impact to improve our collective future.

We invite you to peruse this website and visit each of the links provided. This website is a companion to those of the living, breathing nonprofit organizations invited to join our Green Highway. 


“ We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer a platform for information-sharing to a wide array of wonderful, grassroots organizations as we travel on tour. We thank them and you for your sustained interest and support in protecting our environment, human rights and cultural heritage.”

— Bonnie Raitt